Thursday, October 24, 2013

What? Our replacements have arrived? Where are we going???

We didn't want to think about our mission here in the Philippines coming to an end but in
Aug. when Elder and Sis. Morello arrived, as our replacements, thinking about having
 to leave became inevitable.
They looked tired as they arrived at Pioneer Towers
but they were really good after all the waiting time they had at the airport!
Poor Elder Morello just wanted to take his coat off!
E/S Bailey - E/S Morello - E/S DuPaix 

 A few days later were were back to the farewell side as
we went to a party to see Elder Luke Bailey off for
his mission in France. Jaylynn Hill also just received
her call to Russia!
Unfortunately,  E. Bailey's visa has not yet come through
so he is serving in Layton, Utah

We also met Jophel at that same party. She remembered 
usfrom the Family Week Celebration in Mandaluyong, 
a whole year ago! We saw her a couple of weeks later 
in the MTC as she prepared to leave for her mission 
here in the Philippines
 We were saddened to have to say
 good-bye to Elder and Sister Dietrich. 
They were the Manila Mission Office 
couple and the missionaries just loved 
them. They lived in Pioneer and we
 got to know them as part of our 
Makati 4th Branch!
They had to leave a little early
 because of illness in their family. 
They will be missed.

The "Pioneer" Sisters
DuPaix, Morello, Dietrich, French, and Bailey!

 Elder DuPaix and Elder Dietrich at our farewell dinner.

 Anya was our young intern who helped in our office on a special project. Her last day
we had our traditional Root beer Float party to seen her off to finish her schooling.
 Good Luck, Anya!
I'm not excited about starting with the "Lasts" but yesterday was out last bazaar. This is Anne,
 our gal who sells us some beautiful wood. When we told her this was our last visit, 
she gave us a beautiful bowl as a going away gift! What a wonderful young woman!
We also got to see our friends Edna and Leliene from Tahaunan.
You will be in our hearts!
Within days of writing this post, we found that Elder and Sis. Bailey needed to return home
 to help care for their son who has just undergone a terrible surgery. Suddenly we realized
the Lord's hand in sending the Morello's early. Now they are trained and ready to go when
 we leave the end of November.
E/S Morello, Elder French, E/S Bailey and E/S DuPaix awoke at 4 am to wish the
Bailey's a fond farewell and send the on their way home to their family!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Flooding in the Philippines

 Whenever we can't see past the second apt. building, we know we are in for a huge 
storm - the lightening and thunder just outside our winder give us a big clue also!
 On Aug. 20th we had a storm that dumped tons of rain that brought flooding! They even
 closed the PAO so we had the day at home. We did some reading and studying and I even 
made some cookies. Unfortunately, they floated to the end of the pan!!!

 The flooding was all over the news and some places it was worse than last year.

The news reporters started to talk 
about the taxi drivers and how they 
couldn't get through the roads to get 
any fairs. They commented that they 
would need help  some support. We 
couldn't help them but suddenly 
we realized we could help some
 other people!


 Our security guards are always taking care of us so we decided to give them a little gift pack!
 We went to the store and bought rice, meat, and a little treat and made 
up some bags to share with our guards.
 We told them it was a thank you for all they had done for us and we said we hoped 
they could use it in their families now because of the flooding.
 Third was so excited as he told us about so many of the workers who hadn't even 
been able to get home the night before and had slept in the break room.
 We gave out almost all of the bags we had we Third told us about on of the guards 
who had been in an accident on the way to work.
We went to give him one of the few bags we had left. 
Suddenly there were seven workers there, and we didn't have enough to give them each 
their own bag. Elder DuPaix began giving a candy bar here and a can of meat there until 
everything was gone except the last bag of rice. He said, "Who would like this rice?" They
 are looked excited to get it but suddenly the boys were all patting one fellow on the back
 and pushing him forward. He accepted the rice gratefully. I was so touched that they 
each could have used it, but they all knew who really needed it and made sure that he 
was the one who got it. 
It was a sweet tender experience for us.
Later the rains began again in earnest and Elder was soaked before we could 
get back to the apt!!!
Raining blessings on us!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Weekend training with Kim

In Public Affairs, we love to have trainings and give trainings and have visitors and
be visitors! We enjoyed a visitor who trained us the last of July! Kim Farah to the
Philippines again this year to do a training! She either really loves being here or we
really need the help! I think it is the first!!!
 We started the day with JCO Donuts, and no, they are not gluten free! They have about 
100 different kinds at it about killed me. Except for the one Elder ate - Avacado! 
I wasn't even tempted!!!
 Elder Ardern of our Area Presidency was our main speaker Fri. afternoon.  He chained 
Stanley up - showing us how we "tie our own hands" in our callings through fear, 
not knowing what we are suppose to do or, doing too much!
Our Multi-Stake directors from the eight big areas across the Philippines!
Elder DuPaix is wearing our "Team United" hat but we prefer just to be called, "Team Haidi"!
Here we are with Haidi, Kim and the Baileys!
 What a wonderful, crazy team we belong to!
Kim taught us so much about using all our tools. She also taught us about newswriting 
and story telling. We thought the best gift for her would be the "Three Little Pigs" 
storyteller doll! It fit perfectly into her presentation!
Sun. we got together at our apt. for dinner. Elder Ferrin, Vaughn, Haidi, Kim...
ate chicken enchiladas, spanish rice, green beans, salad and mangos
along with Sis. and Elder DuPaix, and Elder and Sis. Bailey
Of course, we ended the meal with Aunt Betty's Chocolate cake!
 Later Elder got trapped in the chains from our training. Kim was back to Salt Lake City
 ...and we were left with wonderful memories of new friends and lessons learned!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Basic Wheelchair Training Advances to the University Level

Basic and intermediate wheelchair training programs from LDS Charities (LDSC) are being integrated into the curriculum of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences of De La Salle University-Dasmarinas.
Fourth year students of physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) will take the Basic Wheelchair course by February 2014.
Those same students in their  fifth year will take the Intermediate Wheelchair course to address the complex needs of people suffering from cerebral palsy and other forms of physical disabilities who would need supportive chairs with braces and harnesses to keep them upright, safe and secure.
As part of the training, students will assess, modify and customize the wheelchairs donated by LDSC to properly fit the beneficiaries.
Ma. Cecilia Licuan, Dean of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, who was instrumental in helping set up the program saw the need to give students a head start in order to produce well equipped professionals to serve the needs of people with disabilities (PWDs).
DLSU Dasmarinas and LDS Charities have been partners in many projects to include the following:
Basic Wheelchair Training  in 2011which certified 20 professors of the PT and OT departments.
Intermediate Wheelchair Training  in 2012 which certified 16 trainees who assessed beneficiaries for supportive wheelchairs.
Advanced Wheelchair Training held this year which certified four professors to train others who were ready for advanced technical instruction.
LDS Charities arranged for Dr. Jaime Noon, one of the authors of the World Health Organization’s  Wheelchair Trainer’s Manual, to teach the advanced course.  Alice Laverdiere, a clinical supervisor from the United Cerebral Palsy Organization, also assisted in the month long training for the teachers.
Week one required each teacher to measure and modify a chair to fit the assigned client. Dean Cecile Licuan, one of four teachers to take the advanced course, was assigned to a client who was unable to sit.  She was able to build a chair for him where he could lay on an adjustable incline allowing him to see people at eye level.  Recalling the amazing experience, she said, “I didn’t even know how to do what I needed to do so I just prayed to be led to do it right.
IMG 6906
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You are welcome to go to this site for more information on this and many other topics! Thank you for your interest in wonderful humanitarian projects around the world.

Wheels turn for Philippine Pioneers

Wheels turn for Philippine Pioneers
Wed. July 24th was a day of celebration as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints honored their Pioneer Heritage! This year there was a different kind of celebration as 14 special needs children became pioneers of a new kind. They were recipients of intermediate wheelchairs – the first wheelchairs most of the children had ever had! This was made possible through the joint efforts of LDS Charities (LDSC) and De La Salle University-Dasmarinas (DLSU-D) who partnered to teach a training course where intermediate wheelchairs were prepared for each person individually.
The clients came from Philippines General Hospital (PGH) and the city of Mandaluyong. Many suffered from cerebral palsy or spina bifida. They were sweet children whose families were thrilled with the prospects of having a wheelchair that really fit the child. When they were told of this opportunity, they were also told that it was being done as part of a training and the days of measuring and fitting would be long and tiring. The families were willing to sacrifice to get wheelchairs for their children. Their stories are an inspritation.
Mark actually didn’t need an intermediate chair with a harness but he received a roughrider chair that was modified to fit his body. He was given a chair before but could barely sit it in because of a bump on is back. When a doctor at PGH saw him trying to fit in the chair he realized that it would never work. A physical therapist told Mark and his family to come to the hospital on Mon. July 22. They were then transported to DLSU-D to be fitted and measured for a chair. Mark’s family was surprised that he had been chosen to receive a special chair.
 When the family returned on July 24, they found that a roughrider chair had been modified with padding and supports so he could comfortably sit in the chair. He could even reach the wheels and propel himself forward. This 13 year old young man had the most wonderful smile of accomplishment on his face!

Three-year-old Princess Joy had another story. Her mom told us that at birth, her head was large, she had spina bifida, and one club foot. When she was a month old, she underwent surgery to relieve the hydrocephalus condition that had developed. Her family lives in Mandaluyong City and they have been working with Wennah Marquez to get a wheelchair for Princess. One of the requirements for receiving a wheelchair through LDSC is to give 40 hours of service. Princess Joy’s family had been hoping to receive a chair and had already accomplished the needed service hours. When the call came to come for the wheelchair fitting, they were so excited.
Princess Joy’s mom said, “We had very little money to care for Princess and were grateful for help of government services. We have great faith in God and knew that He would help us. This wheelchair will bring much change for our family. Princess is getting very heavy and her stroller is too small. With this chair, she will even be able to go to school because it has a table on it!”
Jeron is a twenty-one year old man with cerebral palsy. His father and mother have carried him everywhere he went for the past 20 years. This will be the first chair Jeron has had. His parents said that the chair will bring many changes to their family and help a lot. They said, “He can go with us now, even if it is just walking in the morning!”
 Elder Smith, a Wheelchair specialist missionary who has been here in Dasmarinas for the whole month of training said, “Eighty percent of the families who receive wheelchairs for their children say that the biggest change that will come to the family is that they can go out together. Many times the child would be left at home with some on to care for him. But with a chair, the whole family can be out together.”
JayVee’s mom, Eden, voiced that same thing. She said, “This wheelchair will make it so much easier to care for JayVee. We will be able to take him out of the house so he will not just have to lay down all the time.”
 John Lawrence and his twin brother, John David are four years old. John Lawrence has cerebral palsy and is in need of an intermediate wheelchair. His mom, Jennylyn said, “We are so happy about getting a wheelchair. John Lawrence is getting heavy for me to carry. This will be so useful to go around. We will be able to do everything!”
Ed Christian, a thirteen year old with cerebral palsy, was adopted by his uncle Edwardo, who cannot work because he must care for the boy. He was holding him on his lap and feeding him. The love he had for Ed was so evident. His uncle said that Ed had a stroller at one time but it was now damaged. Edwardo was so excited to get a wheelchair for Ed. He said it would help support Ed’s body and keep it in the right position.
 Mildred, a student in the Intermediate Wheelchair training and is currently a physician at PGH. She actually examined Ed Christian at the hospital and she was assigned to modify a chair for him. She thought that his chair would need only a few changes but she learned of many changes needed when he  actually sat in the chair. 
 After the wheelchairs were fitted for the patient’s individual needs, it was important to make the chair look like a regular wheelchair with the nice black fabric. Edwardo Guevarra, has owned a tailoring business for forty years. His business makes the white uniforms for the students there at DLSU-D. Dean Cecilia is a family friend and when he learned of the need for a tailor to help with the wheelchairs, he wanted to donate his time and talents. He was able to look at a piece of foam that had been cut to fit the shape of the patient’s body and then figure out a pattern, cut the fabric and sew a covering that fit the foam perfectly. It was a very necessary skill needed to finish the wheelchairs properly.

The long day finally came to an end about 8 P.M. as 14 tired but very happy families returned to their homes.  But the celebrations is just beginning as DLSU-D and LDS Charities join forces in trying to meet the needs of those who cannot walk by providing modified wheelchairs that they can enjoy!

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